White Spot Laundry


Looking for an economical and efficient way to get laundry done? Our laundry services are the perfect solution! Whether you’re a student, full-time employee or a small to mid-sized business in Muncie, our accommodating and versatile laundry services were developed to meet a variety of needs.

We ensure an affordable, easy and memorable Laundromat experience. Yes, we’re a self-service Laundromat, but we’re also known for our commercial services, drop off service and dry cleaning. Our new, high efficiency machines certify completely clean, fresh-smelling laundry. 

Aside from doing laundry, our lounge area includes free coffee, Wifi, arcade games and additional seating for customers to multitask if they choose to wait for their laundry. Overall, White Spot is more than just a Laundromat, and it’s here to make your laundry needs easier.

Payment Methods


We accept credit and debit cards, checks and cash for all transactions. We also offer invoicing customers at the conclusion of the month — contact us for more information!