Small business laundry

Are you a small to mid-sized Muncie business looking for an economical and efficient way to get your uniforms, scrubs, towels, sheets, pillowcases or other linens laundered? If so, our small business laundry service is your resolution! We service spas, hotels, schools, chiropractors and other businesses with the highest quality cleaning at great prices. All customers’ linens are washed separately and returned thoroughly washed, neatly folded and packaged. We’re happy to pick up and deliver laundry free of charge anywhere in the Muncie area. Customer arrangements are set up on a regular delivery schedule or an as- need basis with a standard 24-hour turnaround time.

Drop Off Service

Drop off laundry at your convenience and our highly skilled attendants will have it done fast! Get in and out quickly, as clean laundry will be washed, folded and packaged upon pick up. Our conscientious and experienced attendants make sure that your laundry comes back neatly folded, clean and smelling fresh. All customers’ laundry is washed separately in our new, high efficiency machines—at only $1.29 per pound! We value each individual customer’s needs, which is why our fast turnaround time is completely reliable.

Dry Cleaning

We partner with Bailey’s Cleaners of Muncie for all dry cleaning needs. Please contact us for dry cleaning prices as they vary by piece. Tailoring and repair services are available upon request.

Dry cleaning and laundry delivered. FAst turnaround!

Give yourself one less thing to worry about and let White Spot handle all of your laundry needs (including pick-up and delivery). Simply fill out the form below and we will handle the rest. Free delivery with any laundry/dry cleaning order over $30.00!

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